Clear Photo of TakaraTomy Legends LG-14 Ultra Magnus

eHOBBY Shop has started accepting preorders for TakaraTomy’s upcoming Legends LG-14 Ultra Magnus.  The photo is the same as the one we saw last week, just a much clearer look at Ultra Magnus and Alpha Trion.  Ultra Magnus features a much more detailed deco than his Hasbro counterpart.  His deco is based on the earlier issues of IDW’s More Than Meets The Eye comic book.

As far as differences from the Hasbro version go, he has additional detailing on his shoulder pylons and knees, painted rims, red thighs (instead of white), a blue and white crotch (instead of of just white), white guns (instead of black), Autobot symbols on his shoulder (instead of on his chest), and likely a different shade of blue and red), and a gray crest center (instead of unpainted).  Of course there is also Alpha Trion instead of Minimus Ambus.
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