BotCon 2015 Tidbits from Cybercast Podcast

Pete Sinclair was on the latest episode of the Cybercast podcast and here are some interesting bits of information that came out of the podcast.  The information within:

  • Souvenirs this year shouldn’t cost more than last year.
  • There is one more figure this year hinted as being part of a 4-pack (of Waspinators perhaps?).
  • Flywheels was confirmed as not being part of the offerings.
  • Also hinted was a two-pack of Diaclone figures.
  • The Kreons are not Microchangers, and because of this they will be just over half what last year’s set cost.
  • There will also be a piece of art included in the Kreons which will be familiar to fans who followed the TakaraTomy comic.

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