BotCon 2015 Final Special Guest Announcement – Kojin Ono

The Fun Publications has announced the final Special Guest to be attending BotCon 2015 and it’s the one who started it all – Kojin Ono!  Take a look at BotCon’s press announcement about the final guest:

KOJIN ONO is a designer for Takara-Tomy and was the key creative force behind the introduction of Car Robots in Japan, the converting robots that would be at the core of the 1984 launch of a “new” toy line known as “The Transformers”. The robot known as “Sunstreaker” was the first of his designs, but would hardly be the last. Hound, Bluestreak, Sideswipe, Trailbreaker, The Dinobots, The Constructicons… All of these amazing design were brought to diecast metal life by Kojin-san, who it should be mentioned, was part of the initial class of Transformers Hall of Fame inductees back in 2010 along with Peter Cullen, Bob Budiansky, and Takara’s lead designer on Transformers, Hideaki Yoke.
It is truly an honor to welcome this legendary designer to his first ever BotCon!