UK Getting Transformers Prime Season Boxsets (At Last)

The UK does, alas, tend to be a bit behind the curve with respect to DVD releases of new Transformers cartoons. At long last, however, fans in this corner of the world will be able to own the Transformers Prime cartoon in season boxsets.

Up until recently, the UK has only received individual ‘volume’ releases of the show, and the Region 1 encoding of Shout Factory’s US releases makes playing imported copies a nuisance. Last week, however, Primal Screen, who are UK distributors for the show’s second and third seasons, released a full boxset of Season 2, which you can find on Alas, the set does not include the bonus material from Shout Factory’s  release, simply collecting the discs of the volume releases.
‘But what about the first season?’ you ask. Well, due for release on the 18th May is a full Season 1 boxset from Universal Pictures, also listed for preorder on Amazon. Like the Season 2 set, this appears to collect the same discs from the volume releases, without special features.
Also upcoming from Primal Screen are Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the show’s third and final season, due on 27th April and 1st June respectively. Hopefully we’ll eventually see a Season 3 boxset and the Predacons Rising TV movie released in the UK too!