Transformers viewing for Saturday April 11th, 2015

We have an awesome Saturday to look forward to as BOTH Rescue Bots and Robots in Disguise will be airing new episodes!
First up at 6:30am on Cartoon Network we have Robots in Disguise Episode Four: “More than Meets the Eye”

As Russell nervously tries befriending the neighborhood kids, Fixit—craving the action of a field assignment—gets in way over his head.

Then at 1:30PM on Discovery Family it’s high time we meet High Tide in “Turning the Tide” the newest episode of Rescue Bots where

An old friend of Optimus arrives to train the Bots in ocean rescues.

Word is Transformers alumnus Michael Bell will be voicing High Tide which makes him a very old friend of Optimus’ indeed!
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