Transformers: Legends Game Event – Best Of Episode – Dark Cybertron

The all new Transformers: Legends game event “Best of Episode – Dark Cybertron” is now live and waiting for you to join in on the fun! This is another rerun of the popular Dark Cybertron Team Event. DeNA has stated that this month shall be all about reruns of past fan-favorite events!

“Hey TRANSFORMERS Legends Fans,
Starting in April we will be re-running classic TRANSFORMERS Legends episodes. All character and weapon card stats featured in these classic episodes have been updated.
Since there have been numerous changes over the years to TRANSFORMERS Legends, you may notice that some of the events have different reward payouts. This is intentional; we did not want to put in cards that were not there during the Episodes original launch dates.
We hope you enjoy the Best of TRANSFORMERS Legends, starting with “Dark Cybertron”!
Roll out!
The TRANSFOMERS Legends Team”
Update from the Developers:
“Dear TRANSFORMERS Legends Fans,
We are currently experience technical issues deploying builds to iOS. Because of this you will be receiving an ‘ui_eventmanifestfailure’ error when launching the game.
This episode is currently in pre-registration so this will not effect forming teams when the event starts tomorrow.
We are working hard to resolve the issue and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.
Please stay tuned for more updates.
Roll out,
The TRANSFORMERS Legends Team”