Transformers Kre-O RoundUp: Battle Changers Wave 2, Kre-O No More?

Important news for Transformers Kre-O fans come in by pairs these days, and today is not exception. First, a smattering of eBay listings bring us some new pictures of Kre-O Battle Changers Wave 2. Second, disappointing word for Hasbro customer service that the slate of spring Kre-O product will not be available in the USA. Read on for the details.

Coming from on eBay are a pair of listings for Battle Changers Wave 2: Shockwave and Hound.

Christians Lores, of the Facebook Group For Kreon Out Loud brings word of his discussion with Hasbro Customer Service, which seems to confirm that the spring product slate for Transformers Kre-O will not be available in the US as it currently is in Canada. Of course, this response is filled with plenty of wiggle room and seems subject to change:
Regrettably, our Spring line of Kre-O Transformers are not scheduled for release in the United States. They will only be available in Canada at this time.
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