Transformers Combiner Wars Brake-Neck and Quickslinger Reveal and Review

One of the more interesting additions to this year’s new Combiner Wars series of toys were the inclusion of new characters Alpha Bravo and Offroad on the Superion and Menasor teams. If you follow the IDW comics you’ll understand why these characters are here (and do check them out, as they are great reads). But what about the original team members? Well, as we’ve already shown you, Hasbro announced some time ago the anticipated release of Quickslinger and Break-Neck, who G1 fans might remember as Slingshot and Wild Rider. We were fortunate enough to have been given early samples of these figures to review. Click below for full details. 
Quickslinger is a remold and redeco of Fireflight and comes with the same accessories (hand/foot module, gun) while Break-Neck is retooled from Deadend. In both cases each character is sporting a brand new head and color scheme which really differentiates them from one another. Hasbro has figured out that different paint masks and a brand new head makes all the difference in the world. This isn’t entirely new as these types of redecos for new characters have been around since the start with characters like Smokescreen, Bluestreak and Prowl, but the new Combiner Wars series is taking full advantage of this technique. And, with the grand slams they’ve knocked out with Prime and Motormaster, Silverbolt and Cyclonus, etc.. This is a trend that I hope continues because it means we get twice (or in some cases 3 times) the amount of distinct characters at a fraction of the cost of brand new molds and nearly nothing is sacrificed in the process.
Check out our premier gallery of these new toys along with some comparison shots with their teammates. We’ll have some additional shots in their combined modes later today!