This man became a superstar and he never even knew it.

Just wanted to thank everyone for being such good sports on April 1st 2015, Allspark Edition. We try to have fun and sometimes are too subtle for our own good. This year’s event was centered around the “Bald German Man” who you might remember made his first appearance here on our site. He’s been somewhat of a running joke around various circles so we thought it would be funny to include him in the gag. Unfortunately, there were a few glitches in the program that didn’t appear during testing so we had to turn the big version of him off. Working as intended he would disappear if you hovered the mouse or tapped on a mobile device, but this wasn’t working properly on some devices. We want to be amusing, not wreck your day.
Secondly, and this was something that took people a while to pick up on, we decided to give all of our news articles stupid click bait titles as a joke. We even came up with a few BuzzFeed style articles to pepper in there with our real ones.
Turns out, there’s a method behind the madness because those articles saw an insane amount of traffic. I suspect if this went on for more than a day it would wear pretty thin, though.
Thanks to all the Allspark staff and admins who chipped into making this work today and thanks to all of our users who for the most part were pretty good sports. It’s not easy coming up with something new and fresh when you’ve had 14 previous April Fool’s day gags under your belt without ever duplicating them. But, despite that, or perhaps because of it, April 1st is one of The Allspark’s most enduring traditions.
Until next year,