The End of an Era – Jon and Karl Hartman Selling the 2nd Half of Their Collection at BotCon 2015

If the exclusive toys, voice actors (yes we know how much Frank Welker’s VIP pass costs), camaraderie with fellow friends, and news straight from the hasbro brand team weren’t enough reasons to go to BotCon this year, here’s another: Jon and Karl Hartman have announced that they will be setting up at the convention to sell off the second half of their collection. Aged from around 1998-2006, this half of the collection doesn’t house too many of the glorious prototypes that the brothers once owned, but at over 1,000 pieces, it is a near-compete collection from those years mentioned. So if you’re missing any thing from those eight years, or you just want to stop by and help Jon and Karl say “goodbye” to the toys they spent decades collecting, make sure you make their booth your first stop inside the BotCon 2015 dealer’s room. Here’s what Karl had to say:

Hi folks.
With BotCon being relatively close to us, we’re taking advantage, and bringing the “second half” of our old collection to sell at BotCon. Roughly, this will cover the years of 1998-2006. It’ll be close to 1000 pieces, I believe. Priced to move.
I’ll be updating with more details soon, plus a general list of series that we’ll be bringing, including any rarities. As always, looking forward to seeing lots of old friends one more (last?) time.
See you all soon,
Karl (and Jon)

You can see Karl’s complete post here at the 2005 Boards. Of course you can discuss BotCon 2015 toy news here in the thread in our Transformers Discussion forum, and you can discuss everything else related to the convention in our Convention and Meetups forum.