TFYLP Interview of Pete Sinclair

Pete Sinclair of Fun Publications joined Transformers For Your Listening Pleasure this evening to discuss the history of Botcon, convention etiquette, and what to expect from Botcon 2015. Of course, there’s also a reveal of a toy for the upcoming Botcon 2015 set of convention exclusives. Read on for the details.

Pete began his portion of the interview by discussing the Fun Publication’s desire to have a specific theme for the set following positive fan reaction to the Stunticon set, rather than individual toys who just happen to share a box. Cybertron’s Most Wanted began with the concept of some traditionally evil or untrustworthy characters banding together to save Cybertron, Ocean’s Eleven style. The dual theme is that these toys are indeed some of the most wanted by fans. Pete promised the toys will look great together as a team on fan shelves.
In discussing the recently revealed Packrat, Pete went on to mention that Fun Publications has looked into several proposals for a Fractyl release, but the timing and pitch has never been quite right.
He went on to discuss the details of how they were able to finally sign Frank Welker up for a Botcon appearance. Apparently, these efforts go as far back as 1997, which would have featured both Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, were it not for some schedule conflicts that eventually prevented both from attending. He went on to details all of the exclusive items that fans will be given as part of the VIP package for the experience with Frank and how Fun Publications normally pays celebrity appearance fees so that fans receive photo opportunities and autographs at no additional charge beyond their Primus package, but that the contract with Frank had to be scheduled differently. This, presumably, would indicate that Frank’s fee runs significantly higher than average.
It was also announced that Sue Blu will be attending. Get your Generations Arcee autographed! Pete also confirmed that while Primus package numbers will stay the same this year, the numbers for the souvenir items will be decreased. Similarly, there will be no extras for the first two figures of TFSS 3.0 for sale on the Club site.
Revealed were an unreleased Waspinator Repaint from the RotF Dirge mold (no plans for the future, though Pete did mention this one was designed and painted by the Allspark’s own Jesse Wittenrich) and a repaint of the Chopshop Targetmaster for an as-yet unrevealed at-convention figure. Pete mentioned that his partner won’t be the same as the original Legends figure that he came with.
View the episode here.
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