Susan Blu to Appear at Botcon 2015

Botcon recently announced that Susan Blu will be a featured guest at Botcon 2015, scheduled for June 18-21 in St. Charles, IL (Chicago area).  Fans know Susan as the voice of G1 Arcee, and Voice Director for shows including Beast Wars and a number of other hit series.  Read on for the announcement and link to her impressive bio.
The announcement on page reads:

We are very pleased to announce that Susan Blu will be returning to BotCon again this year! Susan has been a part of the Transformers franchise for nearly 30 years as a voice actor, and then later as a voice director as well! Fans will of course will associate her primarily as the voice of the Generation 1 Autobot Arcee! For a complete look at all of her Transformers character credits be sure to click the GUESTS link along the left side of the page. Stay tuned. So much more news, toy reveals and show information to be announced.

Link to her full bio.
Susan Blu