Read the “Badlands” Comic Featuring Oilmaster, Botcon’s Pretender Exclusive

Following yesterday’s unprecedented reveal of Botcon’s new Pretender exclusive Oilmaster, you may want to take a quick trip into the archives to see the character’s only media appearance in the e-Hobby original comic “Badlands” featuring Magnificus.  Written by Andrew Hall and with art by Hidetsugu Yoshioka, our own Powered Convoy first scanned and posted the comic to the Allspark in November of 2013.  If you missed it and, like me, had no clue who Oilmaster was until yesterday, read on to see this comic for yourself!
Discuss the Botcon exclusives in our ongoing forum thread here.  Since the thread is long, here’s a shortcut to the post on page 47 where the scans appear again, to join discussion focused specifically on them.  And for posterity, here’s Powered Convoy’s thread from November 2013 where the scans first appeared.