New Robots In Disguise Toy Commercial

The official Transformers Channel has uploaded another Robots In Disguise commercial to YouTube. This latest offering showcases the 1-Step, 3-Step, and Warrior price points, with an emphasis on ease of transformation. A reaction, no doubt, to parent complaints of just how complex the movie designs had gotten. Read on for the details and video.

“You’ve seen Transformers shifting from high-performance vehicles to robots on TV and movies. They do it in just one fluid motion while racing at top speed. In Hasbro Robots in Disguise series, One-Step Changers and Three-Step Changers allow you to witness the magical moment yourself! What’s better, Warriors even come with unique weapons, giving you the edge in battling Deceptions. Robots in Disguise series already bring home exciting Transformers play, but the action doesn’t stop there: you can make characters come into life in Robots in Disguise app. Just scan the special code on the figure and join the battle. Don’t forget to scan Autobot shields on Transformers official website to get more power in the game.”

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