New images of Mastermind Creations Reformatted Carnifex (Not-Overlord)

And they’re a doozy! A few days ago an updated shot of Carnifex’s face was posted on Mastermind Creations Facebook page. It looked very Last Stand of the Wreckers-ish. We hoped it meant that more news/pictures would be incoming. Our prayers were answered a few days later when we got a render of what looked like his base mode. This harkens back to his original toy and some of the UK Transformer boxart. Now we have a shot of Reformatted Carnifex in all his glory. He looks to be quite an amalgamation of his comic and toy incarnations. Feel free to share your thoughts on these new pics in our B.O.T. Talk subforum here on the Allspark.
Carnifex3 Carnifax2 Carnifax1