Masterpiece MP-26 Road Rage, Adventure Lockdown & Bombshell, and Unite Warriors Wildrider New Photos

Thanks to TAG Hobby we have some photos of some images from an upcoming issue of Figure King magazine.  In the issue we get our first look at MP-26 Masterpiece Road Rage!  Surprisingly Road Rage features a face similar to her appearances in Fun Publications comics rather than the face plate style face the original toy (and the original Tracks had).  Note that Road Rage features a different gun than Masterpiece Tracks, one that is more accurate to the toy rather than the cartoon.  Road Rage is also sporting a different waist piece and more rounded thighs than Tracks.  Also shown off is our first look at Adventure Lockdown!  Lockdown features a sleek black and silver deco.  Also if you look closely you can see Adventure Bombshell who swaps the purple on his chest for some gray – making him very G1 cartoon accurate compared to the toy based Hasbro deco.  Last but not least is a closer look at Unite Warriors Wildrider.

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