Marvel Legends 5 Pack Euro Disney Store Exclusive

Hasbro has a new 5 figure pack in the works that will only be available from the European Disney Store. Each of these figures are comprised of repaints from previously released Marvel figures, but the results are fantastic. The set will include Iron Man (With Tony Stark head), Hulk, Ultron, Thor and Captain America — each in new and vibrant color schemes. 
At this time it isn’t clear whether this is ever going to get a North American release but with the Avengers 2 movie just over the horizon it would be crazy if they didn’t release this set everywhere. Check out the detailed pics below.
Disney-Store-Exclusive-Marvel-Legends-Iron-Man-Figure Disney-Store-Exclusive-Marvel-Legends-Hulk-Figure Disney-Store-Exclusive-Marvel-Legends-Ultron-FigureMarvel-Legends-Marvel-Now-Captain-America-Disney-Store-Exclusive-Figure