James Raiz to Attend TFCon Toronto 2015

Transformers comic artist James Raiz will be attending TFCon Toronto, scheduled for July 17-19 in Mississauga, Ontario.  Known for his work at Dreamwave and IDW, James will be appearing throughout the weekend selling prints and offering commissions.  Read on for the announcement and link.
TFCon’s website features this announcement about James Raiz:

We are pleased to announce that Transformers comic book artist James Raiz will be a guest at TFcon Toronto 2015. James is known to fans for his work as the initial penciller on Dreamwave’s Transformers Armada, as well a cover artist for IDW’s Transformers: Reign of Starscream, Beast Wars, Transformers: Infiltration, various Spotlights and most recently penciled Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #22 – Dark Cybertron. He will be selling prints and offering commissions to attendees all weekend long.