Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece MP-06 Bluestreak Confirmed Release in Australia

Griffin of Ozformers has posted up a report from his sites most recent dealings with Hasbro. In the post he says that both MP Starsaber and MP-06 Bluestreak have been confirmed for release at Australian retail sometime in late April.

Some new info emailed to me from Hasbro Australia. (thank you to them of course )
We know that the imported Lost Age Stinger toy is supposed to be in ToysRUs stores this month, but two other toys have now been confirmed for release here within the next couple weeks, as they have recently arrived at the Hasbro Australia warehouse and are on their way to the TRU warehouse.
TakaraTomy MP-24 Starsaber – the next of the HK imports.
Hasbro MP-06 Bluestreak – the first of the three known American Masterpiece toys for 2015. (the other two being Sideswipe and Starscream)
It also is the first official confirmation of the MP number for Hasbro’s Bluestreak.
Starsaber was something we’ve been expecting here for a little while, and it has been noted by Hasbro that the October release date at ToysRUs is an error in their system, as Hasbro are not intending to sit on this stock for 6 months now that it is in the country.
It was also noted that the “Sunstreak” was meant to be the Hasbro Bluestreak… but somehow ToysRUS got the name, the MP number, AND the date wrong.
Although, to be fair to TRU… their release date of May 16th is close enough of an estimated release date, to the “next couple of weeks” estimate from Hasbro.
(I asked Hasbro Australia about both, just to clarify the confusion that TRU had caused us.)
For anyone wondering, the Hasbro version of Bluestreak looks to be the same grey/black colours of the Japanese version, in the standard (big) Hasbro red box.
I just want to say, that it is surprisingly unusual to have the Hasbro Bluestreak come out here before it has even shown up as a pre-order at online stores, or even before samples have shown up on ebay…. which was why I wanted to verify it before posting it. (I was actually told last Thursday)