GI JoeCon Crossover figures announced.

Update 2: Check out the latest Tweet from Botcon

  Update: Check out some additional slide photos from the event below. Today in the GI Joe Con Roundtable discussion it was revealed that the GI Joe Club (Sister Organization to the Transformers Club, naturally) will be producing some crossover figures focusing on the crossover fiction as was done with the Marissa Faireborn figure from the Transformers Club. As the slide reveals, one will be a representation of Old Snake, a version of Cobra Commander that appears in the G1 Episode “Only Human” and the other is a B.A.T repainted from Transformers: Prime Soundwave — A robotic android warrior who transforms into an attack drone. Tell us what you think of this as a Transformers fan or a GI Joe fan in our forums topic here. View the reveal pic below.    

Old Snake and B.A.T (wave)
Old Snake and B.A.T (wave)


Some terrible photos of the Club Roundtable panel
Posted by Jesse Wittenrich on Saturday, April 11, 2015