Fans demanded it. Hasbro gave it to them.

Due to an unfortunate glitch in the voting system, the Fan-Built Combiner poll Hasbro had been running has been scrapped. Don’t worry, combiner fans! They’re going with Plan B, and it’s something fans have wanted for decades.
Making the announcement via Facebook, Hasbro has announced the Fan-Built Combiner will be replaced with none other than an updated version of… REFLECTOR! In keeping with the ‘Combiner Wars’ theme, expect the three-robot team to merge together to form a camera of some sort. There’s no prototype to show off yet, but they’ve teased some great artwork, which we’ve mirrored below.

Due to issues with the voting mechanism, we have to make some executive decisions on the Fan-Built Combiner. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re thinking!Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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