e-HOBBY Exclusive Grand Scourge Revealed

Japanese retailer e-HOBBY have revealed their next Transformers exclusive: Unite Warriors Grand Scourge, a redeco of Combiner Wars Voyager Class Optimus Prime. Read on for mirrored images and more.

Grand Scourge has his origins in a Japanese model kit released as part of the Super Link franchise (Energon in Hasbro’s markets), and was a redeco of the line’s Optimus Prime figure. Seeing as Combiner Wars Optimus Prime’s combined form takes inspiration from his Energon counterpart, it’s only fitting that we get Grand Scourge from this mold.
In addition to his ‘Scourge Guns’, Grand Scourge also includes a new weapon, the ‘Matrix Breaker’, which is a red redeco of Ultimate Beast Hunter Optimus Prime’s sword. Scourge is also set to include a new comic book. In addition to the mirrored gallery below, you can check out 360° turnarounds of Scourge’s robot and vehicle modes on his e-HOBBY listing. What do you think of this figure? Click here to discuss the news.
Update: Thanks to Allspark user unluckiness, we now have a translation of Grand Scourge’s bio:

A mysterious warrior resembling the Autobot supreme commander Convoy. It is able to transcend space and time and has set its sight on the myriad Convoys and Optimus Primes of the multiverse. In addition to its own atrocious unmatched combat capabilities, it is also able to force combinations – controlling warriors or drones with the ability to combine literally as easily as he does his own limbs. The large, scarlet blade it wields, the “Matrix Breaker” is not only an instrument of physical destruction but is also said to be capable of severing the bond between the Autobot supreme commanders and their Matrices of Leadership.