Don’t Call It A Re-Run: Transformers Legends Best-Of Dinobots Event

The Transformers: Legends game has moved on to its next event, another of the Best-Of episodes featuring a re-run of it’s popular “Day of the Dinobots, Pt I.” Read on for the details.

“The Dinobots have been behaving erratically at the Autobot headquarters. Grimlock and Swoop disappeared without a trace, while Slug, Sludge and Snarl were slowly becoming more and more aggressive. Slug announced he would not take orders from anyone until Grimlock returned and then he and the other two Dinobots headed in the direction of the Decepticon base.
Wheeljack told Optimus Prime that he needed to scan the Dinobots to get the necessary information that would explain their malfunction. Optimus tried to reason with them, but the trio viciously attacked him.
Optimus signaled Wheeljack, who used the distraction created by Optimus to apply the magnetic inducer on Slug. The inducer was not as effective as it should have been, but it gave Wheeljack the opportunity to get a full scan, just as the Dinobots overwhelmed Optimus. The scanned data was heavily corrupted, and it would take a while for Teletraan I to repair the information before analysis.
Megatron was elated by the news of Optimus Prime having been badly damaged by the Dinobots and made plans to capitalize on it. Just as he was about to order a surprise attack against the Autobots, alarms started sounding at the Decepticons base. The Dinobots were approaching.”