Classic Legion Skywarp, Cliffjumper & Ultra Magnus Incoming?

Japanese retailer Red Mercury have posted listings for what appear to be new toys of Skywarp, Cliffjumper and Ultra Magnus in the “Classic Legion Class” assortment introduced last year. Read on for more on these releases.

Introduced alongside 2014’s Age of Extinction line, Hasbro’s “Classic Legion” assortment is composed of Generation 1-themed redecoes of existing Legends/Legion Class figures. The first two waves saw the release of Optimus Prime and Starscream from their Reveal the Shield molds, Bumblebee and Megatron from their 2008 Universe molds, and Grimlock and Swoop Strafe from Beast Hunters Predacon molds. In the United States, the assortment was found primarily at ‘dollar store’-type chains, whilst in Europe the figures saw wide release at normal retail.
Now Red Mercury brings us some new listings, seemingly for this same assortment:

There is also a new listing for Grimock, suggesting that he is to be shipped again in this third wave. Given the available molds in the size class, it seems likely that Ultra Magnus will be a Reveal the Shield Optimus redeco, Cliffjumper a Universe Bumblebee redeco, and Skywarp a Reveal the Shield Starscream redeco. This should come as exciting news to collectors of Legends Class figures, as Cliffjumper and Skywarp have only been released in those molds in Japan, whilst Ultra Magnus has never had a toy in this size!
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