Cancelled Generations “GDO” Brawn on eBay

Here’s some Transformers history for you – a packaged sample of 2012’s cancelled Generations GDO Brawn figure has been listed on eBay, marking the first time this figure has been seen outside of stock photos. Read on for more on the figure and its history.

Back during 2012, Hasbro’s Asian market division produced a number of retools for the Generations line. Later released in the US as Toys”R”Us exclusives, these figures are commonly referred to under the term “GDO”. Initially revealed for the GDO Voyager assortment was a new-head retool of Transformers Prime: First Edition Voyager Class Bulkhead as Generation 1 Brawn, but this figure was cancelled for all markets.
GDO Brawn stock photos
In 2014, TakaraTomy made use of the headsculpt created for the toy in their store-exclusive Transformers Cloud line. This Brawn featured a very different deco to the cancelled figure, dropping the brown and bronze for a color scheme more faithful to the character’s Generation 1 look.
Cloud Brawn stock photos
Now The Toy Vault Inc. have listed a packaged sample of the original Generations Brawn figure on eBay, giving Transformers fans their first-ever look at this figure outside of stock photos.

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