Botcon Discussion Bits, Derrick J. Wyatt as a Guest, and Brochure Insights

Our ongoing Botcon megathread is now over 50 pages long, but the last few days have seen a flurry of activity with the brochure going live, Derrick J. Wyatt as a guest, the Oilmaster reveal, pics of a familiar-looking redeco of Roadbuster, and some information shared or clarified from Pete Sinclair of FunPub.  This thread has been ripe with discussion, questions, and theories.  With so much, we wanted to bring you up to speed with a quick run-down of some of the key insights.  Read on for more and to join the discussion for yourself!
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  • Derrick J. Wyatt, art and character designer for Transformers: Animated, was named in the Botcon 2015 brochure as a convention guest, along with Frank Welker, Susan Blu, and John Moschitta.
  • Pete Sinclair clarified some questions about Frank Welker photos and the Golden Ticket upgrade.  The GT includes a Frank Welker autographed item as well as a professional photo with Frank Welker on Friday, and if you have a minicon GT they can be in the photo too.  The photo will be printed on site.
  • Allspark’s own Cheetimus was revealed to have painted the exclusive Pretender Oilmaster shell prototype used in the reveal video. He painted mockups for the entire set, but full samples of everything except the shell arrived in time for the reveal videos.
  • Pete Sinclair also clarified a line of the dealer brochure many have been discussing.  “Please do not bring products that violate Hasbro-owned intellectual property.”  While this is not a new policy, he emphasized and reiterated that it will be strictly enforced and someone will be on hand to monitor this at the convention.
  • We reported yesterday on a redeco of Voyager Roadbuster that appears to be an unreleased G2 General Optimus Prime homage, and there’s now rampant speculation in the thread about the possibility of a Sgt. Hound-inspired deco, and whether either/both are going to be Botcon souvenirs.