BMOG Update: Partnership With Nonnef and Splatterpus Production

Our friend Trent Troop of BMOG has dropped by to share the good news that the company has paired with Nonnef Productions, allowing, amongst other things, them to begin production of the previously revealed Chainbill Splatterpus in time to be available at Botcon. Read on for the details.
Announcement from Trent:
The Big News Is Here!
We’re teaming up with Nonnef Productions to produce Chainbill Splatterpus! This mechanical monotreme excels at semi-aquatic combat and may be available for sale by and at Botcon 2015 in multiple colorways.
Nonnef’s manufacturing setup is perfectly geared to our needs. More announcements and changes will be coming in the next week or so.
Stay tuned!
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