Beast Wars comes to Transformers: Battle Tactics!

Fans of Beast Wars and the mobile app Transformers:  Battle Tactics have much rejoicing to do, as fan favorite Beast Wars characters are now playable via the Transformers:  Battle Tactics mobile game!  The line up consists of Optimus Primal, Cheetor (both event prizes), Megatron, and Waspinator!  Each are based on their iconic 1996 Transformers action figures.  Check out what DeNA has to say about the event by clicking Read More.

Today DeNA announced the first event featuring Beast Wars for TRANSFORMERS: BATTLE TACTICS, the turn-based tactical mobile game that lets players assemble teams of iconic AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. Beast Wars Episode 1 runs from April 9 through April 14, when players can collect, fight alongside and take control of classic Maximals and Predacons like Waspinator, Cheetor and Megatron in his ferocious T-Rex Alt Mode!

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