2015 Transformers Hall of Fame Voting Closed – Allspark.com’s Results

Our voting for our submissions to the 2015 Transformers Hall of Fame are now closed and the results have been submitted to Hasbro. So to whom did we give the nod? Here are our results thanks to your votes!

  • Favorite Character: (1) Optimus Primal, (2) Blackarachnia, (3) Sky-Byte
  • Best Combiner: (1) Lio Kaiser, (2) Devastator, (3) Rail Racer
  • Best Musical Act: (1) Anne Bryant & Ford Kender – G1 Cartoon Theme, (2) Weird Al Yankovic – “Dare to be Stupid”, (3) Vince DiCola – Transformers: The Movie

How will the final inductees relate to our list? We’ll have to wait until BotCon 2015 in June to find out!