Windblade #1 Preview and Review!

Written by: Mairghread Scott
Story by: Mairghread Scott & John Barber
Art by: Sarah Stone
Letters by: Tom B. Long
Editor: Carlos Guzman
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“The Sum And Its Parts”

Menasor beats the hell out of the planet of Caminus, prompting Starscream to, via Superion, save the day from the problem he semi-covertly created. This of course leads to a meeting between the heads of state of the two planets. “Please,” Starscream says, “save your accolades, I’m just a wise and powerful leader trying to do what is best for all people.” With Starscream having shown his hand, Windblade plays her trump.
This issue was a really solid follow-up to the prologue in Transformers #39. Most of it is telegraphed from the first few pages, but it’s done really well. It’s really a wonderful thing when a writer causes readers to append “saw it coming” with “loved it anyway”. Scott is obviously is having a blast with this story, as it shows in the banter of the combiners, the preening of Starscream, and of course in the mix of dedication and unsureness that makes Windblade so engaging.
Stone’s art is fantastic for this arc as well. The way she draws Combiners took me by surprise, as there’s a fluidity to their form. Under her pencil, they’re not the hulking mismatched Frankenstein assemblages that they normally are–and that’s perfect for a story in which the completeness of their integration is a story hook.
Scott and Stone compliment each other so well that I occasionally find myself wondering which one is playing to the strengths of the other. IDW, please take note: I’d like you to consider a Swindle one-shot by Scott and Stone.
If I had to pull some complaints, I’m not terribly excited by the Combiners talking in third person. Since traditionally that’s the mark of low intelligence, it seems to go against the idea that these are top-of-the-line integrated models. Also, Optimus is still coming off a lot like a bully. IDW’s take on Optimus is a bit quicker to anger than most incarnations, but lot of what he does seems to ring of anger that he’s not calling the shots and it’s not feeling like a natural outgrowth of his Orion Pax Vision Quest. However, I’m hoping that’s the point and we’re going to see it addressed as the story goes on.
Favorite Exchange:
“Dead ‘bots… talk …useless!”
“That… didn’t even make any sense.”
–Superion realizes that Menasor still has some bugs to work out.


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