What do you get when you cross Rob Liefeld and the Holy Bible?

Aren't  I supposed to be naked? Aren’t I supposed to be naked?
You get Rob Liefeld’s Strange Bible Stories, that’s what. Coming in 2015 among other Bible themed stories and adventures, is “Eve and the Garden Eden”. This story will chronicle the adventures of Adam and Eve before the fall in the Garden of Eden and will showcase the first humans during a time when The Accuser has already fallen from Heaven and is plotting the destruction of the once divine paradise here on Earth.
With the pencils by Rob Liefeld and renderings by many talented artists including Patrick Blaine and Mike Capprotti as shown here, the artwork and thematic elements are very promising. This tale of the time before the fall will arrive sometime in the Fall, following another Bible themed project called Covenant and his Extreme Studios relaunch of Bloodstrike and Brigade, which is due out this summer.
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