Weird Al to guest-edit MAD Magazine

If the Allspark had to choose an unofficial favourite musician, it’d be a close race between Weird Al Yankovic and rocker Stan Bush, and (with no offense to Stan!) Al would probably take it in a landslide. Al recently took to Twitter to share some art from an upcoming issue of MAD Magazine, which he’ll also be guest-editing.

Weird Al’s involvement with the Transformers fandom goes back to 1986, when Transformers: The Movie featured his original song ‘Dare to be Stupid.’ He later voiced the character Wreck-Gar on Transformers: Animated. His latest album released last year, Mandatory Fun, topped the Billboard Hot 100 in its first week of release. Speaking about MAD Magazine when the issue was announced, Al commented:

“It was my childhood dream to one day be a contributor to MAD Magazine,” said Weird Al. “This is an excellent example of why children are never allowed to make important decisions.”

Weird Al will be MAD’s first guest-editor in the mag’s lengthy history. The issue will be available on April 21st.