TRU Singapore Offering Buyers Free Superion And Menasor Sticker Sheets

Want to spruce up your Combiners, G1-style? Singaporeans can, courtesy of Toys R Us.
The sticker sheets offer full sets of stickers for all 5 components of Superion and Menasor. It’s a wonderful way to both enhance the ‘G1 authenticity’ of your updated Combiner Wars toys, and give us an idea of just what theoretical Generation 1 Alpha Bravo and Offroad toys would have looked like, fresh off the shelf and frantically stickered up by an adoring buyer. This news comes courtesy of TFW member Cybershadow, who posted news of this giveaway. There is a minimum spend involved, and this is a limited offer. Hurry down to your local Toys R Us in Singapore and snag yourself a set!