Transformers News & Rumors from Australia ToyFair 2015

Ozformers user griffin has posted some news and rumors in regards to Transformers releases coming from Hasbro Australia this year.  Just a reminder that this news pertains to Hasbro Australia, which often releases TakaraTomy Masterpiece figures as store exclusives.  Check out the rumors by clicking Read More:

Photos later tonight, and the full report…. but some teaser info to get you interested and to send the global fansites into meltdown.
Generations Devastator on display with my Gen1 Devastator – BigW already signed up for June/July.
More JP Masterpiece coming this year – Gold bumblebee July, Convoy reissue, Tracks (not MP25), MP25 in Sept (I can’t reveal name before TakaraTomy), and two new “sports cars” for OCT & NOV.
Platinum edition – Myer will have Seeker pack and YOTG pair… while ToysRUs will have Insecticon pack, Perceptor/Blaster, Trypticon, aaaaand…. Dinobots. YES, Gen1 Dinobots multipack which I hope is all five.
JP Stinger still for this month, only at TRU though.
GEN Slingshot & Wildrider don’t exist (yet) for Hasbro Generations, but might next year as Combiners are going to be at least two years.
Leader Starscream for wave 4.
Hasbro MP Starscream is the second (MP11) version because fans wanted it.
Hasbro MP Bluestreak will be in July.
Toyworld’s cheaper prices were indeed just introductory prices from Hasbro.
Loyal Subjects w3 should be out in the next month.
That’s most of it. More later, probably after midnight though.

Note that Masterpiece Tracks was confirmed as MP25 via Dengeki Hobby, so there may have been some miscommunication some where in regards to this report or by Dengeki Hobby.
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