Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #38 Preview and Review!

Written by: James Roberts
Art by: Alex Milne
Colors by: Joana LaFuente
Letters by: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber

Elegant Chaos, Part 3: Predestination: An Expert’s Guide

Our time-hopping heroes show up at the “birth” of Megatron and make a last-ditch attempt to stop Brainstrom from royally screwing over the timeline. Some hard choices are made, there are several big twists, someone dies, and everything changes.
This issue is jam-packed. Unfortunately that’s only half a compliment, as I feel it was a little rushed. The only thing I can think is that the board needed to be cleared for Combiner Wars, but MTMTE isn’t even a part of it. I realize this is an ongoing and it’s really just silly to really epilogue the story and roll the credits–one of the strengths of this comic is that it doesn’t do that–but I also feel like Roberts tends to shortchange denouement. I think picking up some of these threads later is going to seem a little late.
Still though this story does tie up nicely, and I can promise those of you who have been speculating that you will be surprised. Probably several times. There are even some apparent sidelong answers about lingering mysteries going back as far as issue 1! And new mysteries, of course. Let’s be honest, Roberts will never ever be out of those.
Milne’s art is of course top-notch. I think the layout of the double-page spreads is somewhat confusing when read digitally–I have to view it as a single page and the often irregular panel layouts on single pages often leave me not realizing when I’ve hit a spread until I’ve read most of it out of order, then I have to backtrack and flip between them to re-read it all. I’m not sure I can properly call that any fault of Milne’s though; what’s he supposed to do, stop using spreads? Be less creative? I’d much rather have an occasional inconvenience than lose anything from this book.
Favorite Line:
“You’re stranded in the past. Your last time-jump drained the quantum engines so we can’t move you through time–and we can’t recharge them without losing contact with you altogether. …He hung up.”
“Just like that?”
“No, he called us all a word I don’t care to repeat and then he hung up.”
–Ultra Magnus and Perceptor discuss the finer points of timephone etiquette.
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