Transformers: Legends Game Event – Key To Vector Sigma: Part 2

The next event in the “Transformers: Legends” game is now live! This event is a follow up to part 1 of “The Key to Vector Sigma”!

Official Description:
Back on Earth, the DECEPTICONS discover that the key to Vector Sigma is able to transmute whatever it touches into metal. Knowing that they have this, and the might of MENASOR, the DECEPTICONS decide that they will turn the Earth into a new Cybertron.
Teletraan 1 detects the energy of the key being used to convert parts of the area around a major northwestern city into metal, and alerts the AUTOBOTS. The AERIALBOTS join their new allies and head there, intent on stopping the DECEPTICONS from destroying the Earth’s environment with the key.
The STUNTICONS, upon seeing their hated rivals among their newly arrived enemies, charge towards them, intent on turning them into scrap. An instant later, a mighty battle erupts around them and the AERIALBOTS, leaving members of both factions out of commission.
As the fight rages on, MOTORMASTER, DEAD END, and the other STUNTICONS combine to become MENASOR. With a mighty roar, he lumbers onto the battlefield, knocking combatants flying as he storms towards the AERIALBOTS. Seeing the giant approach, they merge to form SUPERION, surprising their rival. Without a moment’s hesitation, they take MENASOR on hand-to-hand.
Can SUPERION turn the tide back against the DECEPTICONS? Or will MENASOR finish off the AUTOBOTS’ newest warriors? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends – “Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2”!