Transformers: Battle Tactics – Menasor’s Might Event

Earlier we told you about the exciting upcoming event in Transformers: Battle Tactics by DeNa Games that gave us a glimpse of the upcoming debut event.  We’ve now been sent the official press release along with more detailed information and some in-game art. Read on for more information.


“Today DeNA announced the first in-game event for TRANSFORMERS: BATTLE TACTICS, the turn-based tactical mobile game that lets players collect and assemble teams of iconic AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS. The game’s debut event, Menasor’s Might, runs from March 12 through March 18, during which time players can take on the evil Stunticons who have linked to form the ruthless Combiner, Menasor.

Menasor_Robotmode_CutFor a limited time, players can battle elite new armies, face off against and collect Stunticons, and compete to build the game’s very first six-unit Combiner, the hulking Menasor. With new characters to battle and collect, plus intense PVP combat, fans of Transformers: Battle Tactics won’t want to miss Menasor’s Might.

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