TCC Collected Editions Volume 4 and 5 Now Available for Order

A little while back, the Transformers Collectors’ Club offered three volumes of “Collected Editions” for their TCC Magazine. These first three volumes naturally collected the first three years of the Magazine, including comics, interviews, reviews, historical articles and everything else printed in each issue of the magazine. However, it seemed odd to stop after three as the first five years of the comic told a single story centered around the mystery of the combiner Nexus Prime and his component robots Skyfall, Landquake, Breakaway, Topspin, and Heatwave. This may be why the Club today announced that Volumes 4 and 5 are now available for order through the Club Store! Gathering issues 19-24 and 25-30, these two collections¬†complete the first story arc for the Nexus Prime character, and of course give a glimpse back in time with the rest of the magazine articles saddled next to the comic pages. All five covers also connect to form one big mosaic of characters and events from the comics.
Head over to the Club Store to check out the order pages.
A tweet from the Club, however, reveals that the quantities for these Volumes are extremely limited, so you may not want to wait to place your order.