TCC Beast Wars: Uprising Prose story by David Bishop and Jim Sorenson

Another prose story brought to us by David Bishop and Jim Sorenson, with cover art by Jesse Wittenrich and interior art by William Mangin has been released by the Official Transformers Collector’s Club. The story features Beast Wars characters Buzzclaw and the Resistance as well as Lio-Convoy. Today also happens to be the last day you can sign up to the club to get Lio Convoy as the freebie figure as part of your subscription service.
From the Club Site:

Beast Wars: Uprising story!You will need to sign up tonight by 11:59 pm CST to be a member of the Transformers Collectors’ Club and receive this year’s FREE Membership Incentive Figure Lio Convoy! For a final look at the Lio Convoy figure, you can click the “club exclusives” button to your left and as a special treat, to read the second installment of the all-new prose fiction series starring Lio Convoy, click the story thumbnail!
As a member you will receive six issues of the TCC Magazine, discounts on Club and BotCon items, prizes from Club contests and additional features we are currently working on!. If you have never been a member, haven’t been a member recently or need to re-join, now is the time! So take a few minutes and Join Now!

Read the story here from the PDF on their site and discuss the news in our forums. Not a member? Sign up now — It’s free!