Sunbow Panel Discussion from Transformers: The Movie Screening Event

Thanks to Youtuber RealistikkVideos, we have footage from the panel discussion that was part of a recent screening of Transformers: The Movie at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Go to the bathroom and grab some snacks now, because the panel video runs longer than a G1 episode!
The panel features Michael Bell, Neil Ross, Bill Ratner, Flint Dille, Buzz Dixon, Wally Burr, Hank Garret, and Larry Houston, and was filmed as part of a double-feature screening of TF:TM and GI Joe: The Movie at the Egyptian on March 7th. The creative folks behind the Sunbow shows talk about bringing Hasbro’s characters to life on the small and big screen, how closely Hasbro was involved in the shows’ development, and even Community’s recent GI Joe-themed parody.
Oh, and of course, “retiring” the 1985 product line.