Studio Ghibli Fans Flock To Small Tasmanian Bakery

Fans of Studio Ghibli’s classic film ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ flock to a humble Australian bakery. It’s a coincidental likeness the small bakery has enthusiastically embraced.

The owner of the bakery, Carl Crosby, says that he usually receives at least 50 Japanese tourists per day, all having made a pilgrimage just to visit this location. It’s been happening for about 15 years, and numbers are increasing annually as the story gains more awareness in Japan among Miyazaki fans. A floor above the bakery has even been converted into a replica of Kiki’s room from the film, done at the request of tourists. More info about the bakery, including photos and videos, can be found by clicking here.

Ross Bakery, with owner Carl Crosby
The Replica Of Kiki's Room
The Replica Of Kiki’s Room