Robots in Disguise Sideswipe Concept Art Revealed

Back during the US premiere of the new Robots in Disguise cartoon, concept artist Walter Gatus described on Twitter how the show’s Sideswipe character began life as a “greaser type” named Fastlane with a hot rod vehicle mode. Now fellow artist Augusto Barranco has revealed concept art from that stage in the character’s development.

First up is the initial sketch that was produced for Fastlane’s robot mode. You can see evidence of his original alternate mode, as well as several design cues that made it into the final, re-named version of the character.

Barranco also shared two pieces of vehicle mode concept from later into development, but still before the change to the Sideswipe name. According to the artist, the character was changed to a brighter shade of red to be better appealing to children.