Q Transformers Episodes Getting Japanese Blu-Ray And DVD Release

The quirky Q Transformers episode shorts are getting a Japanese home media release, on both Blu-Ray and DVD. More info after the bump!

There will be various special features along with all 13 episodes, but of course, they won’t be in English, and there’s no word on English subtitles just yet. The DVD set is priced at 4800JPY, with the Blu-Ray set at 6000. There are two dates listed on the sales flyer in English, and frankly, it seems safe to assume that the release date is the 22th of May, and while we can’t be sure of the meaning of the other listed date, the 6th March ie yesterday, it may well be just the date that pre-orders open. That’s just a guess, though.

Click here to be taken to the Q Transformers page, and note that we’ve mirrored the main flyer image below for your convenience. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.





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