Play With This Too Kickstarter Enters Final Hours

With 4 hours left this will be a photo finish for the folks at Play With This Too. After a strong start, with over $20K in their first few hours after launch, they toy group has been treading water the past few weeks as the end of the Kickstarter campaign draws near. Currently, they are at nearly $69,000 — $11,000 away from their $80,000 goal for funding. In the last 4 hours they’ve picked up about $6,000 and 30 more backers, but the campaign has seen a lot of fluctuations in the past few days bringing them between $61K to $63K and back down to $61K as new backers come and go. 
Is it possible they can obtain the additional $11,000 needed before the campaign’s end in less than 4 hours? Yes. Is it likely? That’s a bit harder to call. But we will continue to follow their progress and wish them the best of luck.
Play With This Too is a company formed by toy professionals who’ve worked on such beloved brands as GI Joe and Transformers among others. See their Kickstarter video below and visit their Kickstarter page for more information and to pledge your backing.