Perfect Effect Perfect Combiner Add-Ons Make Hasbro Combiners Perfect

There’s no question that in 2015 Hasbro knocked it out of the park with the new Combiner Wars series of combining toys. Arielbots, Stunticons, new combining Autobots that include an upgraded Optimus Prime, Protectobots and many yet unannounced that will be sure to include recolors of existing molds and a few new ones are just the tip of the iceberg. With fully interchangeable and modular builds, there are nearly limitless combinations of unique and original combiners that fans can enjoy. That’s not even getting into the monster that is Devastator.
But, for as great as all these figures and concepts are, there are a few things fans have noted them for having fallen short for. In the effort to make the characters truly modular Hasbro had to make a few concessions on some of the limb accessories. In particular, the fists and feet, which are the same pieces, much accommodate the ability to allow each deluxe character to become an arm or leg component on any combiner. Also, some of the proportions on the combined mode can look a bit odd given the way the voyager main body components look.
But for the price and what you’re getting at that price, it’s well worth it to own these guys. That said, third party manufacturer Perfect Effect has some alternative accessories on the horizon to make your Hasbro combiners truly perfect. Right now the focus is on Superion and Menasor.
PC-01 is a set that comes in two colors offering replacement fists and feet for your combiners. Black for Superion and purple for Menasor. These alone add a tremendous difference in visual aesthetics for the two flagship combiners. The fists come fully articulated allowing for full finger movement and poseability while the feet are much larger providing a more imposing stature. They also come with a joint that allows them to move and the ankle.
If that’s not enough for you, then PC-03 will finish the job by providing new heads and new add on accessories to the combined mode that give the characters a much more imposing appearance. Menasor especially benefits from these changes to give him a look that is no only more reminiscent of his G1 appearances but a stature that looks more solid and strong.

Hasbro Stock Version Hasbro Stock Version

Perfect Effect Add-On version Perfect Effect Add-On version
There are also weapons upgrades included, such as an extender for Menasor’s sword, for example. This is what the third party market should be about. Enhancing the existing products with useful accessories and add-ons that not only require consumers to purchase the retail versions of these toys, but encourage it. According to Perfect Effect, these will be going up for pre-order soon. When we get our hands on a set we’ll let you know our final verdict on them. For now though, we’re optimistic about them and look forward to seeing more stuff like this being produced.