New 24 Page Transformers Cloud Comic Book

eHOBBY Shop updated their website today announcing a new 24 page Transformers Cloud Comic Book.  Any new orders for TFC-D01 Megatron, TFC-D02 Starscream, TFC-D03 Shockwave, or TFC-D04 Hellwarp will come with this new comic book.  It appears existing Hellwarp orders will also be packed with this comic.  eHOBBY is offering several bundles featuring each of the Cloud Decepticons.  The new comic features a story by Makoto Wakabayashi and illustrations by Naoto Tsushima.  UPDATE:  Further information from user BraveMax reveals that the comic is an illustrated adaptation of the various text web comics that were released previously by eHOBBY and TakaraTomy Mall.

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