Masterpiece Exhaust Backstory Revealed – Hilarity Ensues

With the controversial release of Masterpiece MP-24 Exhaust, a lot of people have been left wondering what the backstory for this new character is.  Thanks to Allspark member Hydra we now have some information in regards to his bio.

So, his character is pretty hilarious. He’s an employee of “Marlboor Dynamic,” a massive interplanetary corporation that steals secrets from alien cultures around the galaxy. His power, given to him by the research department of the company, allows him to “Quantize”: convert his body into living smoke. His function is industrial espionage, and he gathers new secrets and technology for Marlboor. He acts like a suave, debonair spy, but the stress of his job is actually getting to him, causing a chain cy-garette smoking habit that the medical officer has warned is detrimental to his health.

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