Masterpiece Blue Bluestreak on TakaraTomy Mall

The Diaclone recolor every single one of us has been waiting for with much bated breath is finally here.
It’s beautiful. It also is exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall, will retail for ¥7,992 and see release in August of this year.
Of note is the figure is limited to just 2,000 pieces in Japan (no word on if Bluestreak will be available in areas of Asia outside of Japan like the other TakaraTomy Mall exclusive Masterpiece, EVA Optimus Prime, was).  Bluestreak is also a new warrior and not considered the same character as the normal Streak (Bluestreak & Silverstreak in the USA) is.
You can revel in its glory and then futilely throw money at your monitor on the Takaratomy Mall website.
Then try to encapsulate the pure, unadulterated joy you’re feeling into mere words that will still fail to capture the pure majesty of this release in Dake’s thread here on the Allspark.