March Mayhem Update: Deathcobra is Dead!

Tragedy on the basketball court! News coming out of Moon Stadium is that Liokaiser point guard Deathcobra has been killed. Early reports are that the Decepticon was felled by a photon pistol coming out of the locker room at halftime. Autobot forward Blades is known to carry a photon pistol. No doubt this means Hellbat will be back in the lineup. Read on for a live report from Eject on the scene.

“Eject here, live at Moon Stadium, where this jock has been forced by today’s tragic events to become a reporter. As you know, Deathcobra has been pronounced dead at halftime following a photon blast to the chest. Early speculation is pointing towards Blades, whose PTSD is well known. Prowl is on the scene, and this reporter will leave the criminal details in his hands.
More importantly, how will this affect the second half of the match? Defensor enjoys a small lead after the first half, and the loss of Deathcobra will no doubt hamper Liokaiser on the court. The atmosphere in the stadium has changed sharply, however. Fans empathizing with the team’s loss have begun an unanimous cheer for the Decepticons. The only way this could be a more perfect motivator for a comeback would be if the whole had been staged. 
Banners have already begun sprouting up to win this one in memory of the fallen Deathcobra. The second half promises to be an interesting one, and has certainly become much more dramatic.”
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