Indianapolis Children’s Museum Walkthrough

The opening of the Transformers exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum continues to roll out. Staffers Tony, Greg and Kayla continue to share the experience live on the Allspark Twitter Feed. They remain impressed by the floor space dedicated to the exhibit, the attention to the rich history of the franchise, and the glimpses into the creation of Transformers toys. Read on for the details.

The sprawling exhibit does an excellent job of creating an ambiance of immense scale and Cybertronian spectacle.

The exhibit draws on Hasbro’s own archives and the personal collections of long-time fans to document the brand’s history. On display is the first toy ever owned by super-fans Jon and Karl Hartman and G1 figures on loan from Fun Publication’s Pete Sinclair. The evolution of key characters over the decades is featured in several exhibits.

Interactive displays are designed to capture the imagination of the children visiting the museum. They have a chance to enjoy the latest video games, play with a town of Rescue Bots toys, follow billboards on how to transformer to latest RiD toys, and a large family seating area to really spend some time with the figures. The nature of Transformers toys as engaging puzzles is emphasized here.

Of course, no such experience would be complete without a look behind the scenes on how the many designers at Hasbro bring the characters and toys to life.

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is really an engaging experience for the whole family. If you’re in the area, it’s something that we highly encourage you to take part in.